INNOV is the new name of the well-known company LAZAROU–VASSOU Furs, established in 1965, which is entering a new, challenging era. Managed by the family’s third generation of furriers, INNOV is being infused with new life while its unwavering passion for fur maintains that delicate balance between classic and avant-garde design.
Innovative design, top-quality materials, leading know-how and conscientious after-sales service will be INNOV’s trademarks. Committed to continuing its dynamic success, INNOV aims both at preserving the impeccable quality of its products as well as broadening the fur fashion market.


Mink, wild mink, beaver, fox, swakara, lynx cat, lynx, raccoon, finn raccoon, sable, fisher and chinchilla are the primary types of pelts INNOV procures from a wide range of fur auctions around the world: American Legend and Fur Harvesters (both in the USA), Nafa (Canada), Kopenhagen Fur (Denmark), Saga Furs (Finland) and Sojuzpushnina (Russia). Afterwards, the steps for processing the fur and sewing the garment are strictly followed to ensure the perfection of the final product.


INNOV’s collections include women’s, men’s and children’s prêt-à-porter fur fashion as well as custom-made garments. Three top-notch Greek and Italian designers are at the helm. Their proposals meet the needs of the contemporary man and woman, rightfully earning a unique place in our wardrobes. The collections stand out for the top quality of the raw materials, the superb craftsmanship, and the original and unique designs.


INNOV exports to Russia, the USA, Europe and China. Due to the high-specification services it offers, INNOV’s fur creations can be found at the most highly frequented and popular sales points around the world. In addition, INNOV participates in the most prestigious international fur exhibitions in the USA, China, Italy, France, Germany and Greece.